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April 17, 2013 posted by Ocean1LAdmin!

Thor Heyerdahl and the crew of Kon-Tiki (32 pictures) CLICK HERE

Thor Heyerdahl and the crew of Kon-Tiki (32 pictures) CLICK HERE

thor heyerdahl raft kon tiki
thor heyerdahl kon tiki
Thor Heyerdahl Aboard The Kon-Tiki
kon tiki raft
kon tiki image
kon tiki and crew
kon tiki sharks


  • Freeman1776

    Just saw the movie today, and these pictures are remarkably similar to the actual expedition and looks of the crew are similar. Very interesting story, wish the movie would have even been longer with more details.

    • Jay

      These ARE all photos of the actual expedition, these ARE the real men and the real expedition in these photos! These are NOT from the 2012 movie, I just watched it, the DVD is on my TV now and these are NOT the actors here, these are the REAL photos, how can you not tell this?? They really had a camera and a moving camera (back then) on board and the real Thor himself also went out in a rubber dingy and took photos of the raft from afar to prove they were really out there. These ARE the real men and real photos here, what is wrong with you?

      • breakaway

        From what I can see, Freeman is not doubting that these are the real photos. There is nothing in his post saying that these are not the real expedition photos. He only says that the real photos look very similar to the film images. He is complimenting the film for looking so accurate and wishes it were longer. This is so obvious to me that I feel your rant against his post is ridiculous and unnecessary. You are the one who seems to have something wrong.

        • Sahra Stolz

          Freeman says “these pictures are remarkably similar to the actual expedition” as though he doesn’t understand that these picture are the “actual” expedition. Just writing this to clarify but frankly I don’t understand why either of you would be getting excited about someone failing to understand or express themselves coherently. This is the internet. Welcome.

          • breakaway

            Sahra, I have no idea why I bothered making my grumpy comment 3 months ago. It adds nothing so I’ve deleted it. I agree with your general point.

  • Rully Kurniawan

    i love this movie and help to figure out …how my country ‘s ancestor who was a great sailor came to Indonesia—–

  • hector

    I like the movie, but the only thing that I found is the fact that they did not kill any great white shark,but many other kind of shark like blue sharks.

    • sahrchitect

      That shark scene was hectic.

  • ComplexityManagement Ontonix

    Heyerdahl’s book on the expedition is wonderful. I read it over and over as a child in the late 60s.

  • Vicki M

    This is a wonderful book. It is well written and full of interesting facts. My grandson and I are reading it together, for his first time. It is a real life adventure and beautifully documented. Every child and adult would find it fascinating.